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Mini Mason Jar Terrarium

Mini Mason Jar Terrarium

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Enjoy a bit of whimsy with these miniature terrariums haused inside a tiny Mason jar.

-Multi-color seashell drainage layer
-Horticultural charcoal layer
-Haus Plants Terrarium Substrate Mix
-Rose gold wire lid closure

Terrarium plants:
-Living sphagnum moss
-Fern Moss
-Pink polka dot plant
-Calisia repens 'Bianca'
-Peperomia orba 'Pixie'

What are those white bugs?
These tiny beneficial bugs are called springtails, and they are crucial to the health of your terrarium! They eat mold spores, keeping rot and mold at bay. They are harmless to humans, pets, and other plants, and will remain in the terrarium so long as you keep the lid closed for the majority of the time.

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